I’ve been speaking with several people that they really don’t know how to get started in even just marketing themselves nevertheless how to use Social Media to market themselves. I’ve uploaded this picture to help you design your own strategy. It’s really quite simple, however it does take time to develop your presence online. This is what I help my clients to do.

If you just follow it all you too can develop your presence online and offline. The extension of this is called a Social Circle. This is where the power lies of developing relationships with people. First of all you need to develop your own HUB, before you advance to the next level of belonging to and having your own Social Circle.

Your HUB is your Blog – it could be your static website, except that a HUB is more interactive and engaging.

I hope this helps you to understand the whole concept of a HUB, getting started in marketing yourself, your art, your business services and products. When you are ready to go the next step, call me ok?

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