The Mystery about Google+

What is the mystery about Google+ it seems although Google has launched this platform the instructions in how to use it seems to be vague.


Ah! I found a website dedicated to help you along with other people I’ve learned from. It’s seems because Facebook and LinkedIn has a social/business aspect Google needs to have one.

I get asked many times how do I engage with it? How come you have so many followers and groups or circle and I can’t get anyone to like or + me? What I realized this morning, Google + isn’t really so much as a social platform it’s more of a collection of tools to you to deliver your message, it’s not so much about having friends it’s about sharing your content based on your Keywords or topics your are interested in.

The best thing I like about Google+ is the Hangout tool, what a great way to have a discussion with people, meetings, networking, webinars and classes. The communities, they are groups for special interests..I have one for Food 4 Social Change, although I have chatted with some people in the group it really hasn’t helped me to get the message out of what it’s about nor do people really comment on other people’s content.

What do I suggest how to use Google+? Use the tools that you like and people will start to engage with you. It takes time, Google hangouts, then you have created videos post them on Youtube, use them as content for your blogs, websites and other places that you share your content.

Circles, I have people in circles who are in the same profession, for example Financial people, Social Media, Marketing, Food, Power partners, from there I can share with them pacific information and general information that I know they will be interested in.

I’ve learned from a couple of people.. Ray Hiltz and a couple of early adopters who I’ve followed. Also Sherry NourainiRemember you need to hang out where your customers/audience is, if they aren’t on Google+ why are you there?

Google+ isn’t really a place where I find people to socialize with. It does have the benefits to be found as far as SEO or being found using keywords. Form a community of a subject matter that would be of interest to other people and they can share their resources, as questions etc. For example I like the Cult of Mac, I can go in there and ask questions about MAC products or seeking an app that will help me.

Here’s a beginners guide for using Google+, Info graphic I found on . It says it all in a nutshell! Courtesy of Mervik Haums
marketing word cloud

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