How do you set up an account?

Go to and follow instructions in getting a new account. Your name should be your own if you want a personal account; your biz name if you want a biz account. What or who do you want to be known by? Remember, it’s about another action step to brand you.

Your Profile needs to include something about yourself or business, be sure you have a picture of yourself, (not your dog unless your dog is having a conversation with people). Add a website address and your Bio. What are you about? Who are you? And a blurb about your business.

Any recommendations of what to post?

– Tweet about subjects that come up that are too short to write about or post on your blog
– Got hobbies? Write about them. Why, hobbies or interests? Because, when you tweet you are allowing your followers in getting to know you. It’s called transparency, how are you showing up in life.
– If you have posted an article that offers tips then tweet by saying: “Get ___ tips about ___at: your website; Get a Free report on at:______;
– Promote an event or conference or speaker
– RT what other people are talking about if you like it
Tweeting is about having a conversation with others, make it meaningful.

You can also select some people to follow under Find People and of course your have friends and colleagues to follow. In my opinion it’s not the numbers it’s the quality of people you want to follow and for them to follow you.

Firefox has a great little plugin you can add, it sits on the bottom of a page when you are on line. then you’ll be able to write and post a tweet easily.

Did you know that if someone hasn’t Tweeted within 30 days, they likely aren’t going to Tweet. Make sure you clean out your followers once you start building your followers base. Use Twit Cleaner to do this.

Sign up for Mr. Tweet your personal assistant – he will help you get people that you can follow and they will follow you.

SocialOopmh is your productivity assistant where you can get messages of the keywords you select that you want to know more about. For example if you are seeking writers, insert the type of writer you want to know about. Put in your name and/or company name.

We follow is another app to help you find people to follow, only you will only be able to add 3 categories.

Get a twitter app like Nambu, Tweet Deck or HootSuite to help you to stay organized, it’s a spreadsheet with columns to help you sort who is recommending or mentions you, what direct messages you’ve gotten or you have sent out.

This ought to keep you busy for a while. Have fun! Keep tweeting.