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Creating Content for your Blog

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Creating content for your blog is a subject that comes up frequently in groups and in conversations.

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Welcome my Shoe-String subscribers.. I really just love using RSS to deliver content. I have moved you over to the Heart@Work’s RSS list. 

One of the tools that I’m using I kept getting their emails, as they kept asking me why haven’t I created any lists yet?? I am thinking where did you get my email address from? As it turns out that I signed up for an account when I was launching the “Art Marketing Association.” Come over and join me if you like what you see.

They have a plug-in for WordPress users, once you download it, you simply request a publisher key – you then create your own list/s, and you can share the content of other users. Like I am in this post. It’s a great way to create content for your blog, people will share your’s not considered duplicate content as you are sharing and using has this all figured out.

10 Reasons Why Your List Posts should be using Listly
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