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Visionary Roundtable Series

Visionary Roundtable Series offers a range of benefits that can contribute to the growth, competitiveness and success of each of our  members.

We provide a supportive community, advocacy,  access to resources and opportunities for collaboration and learning, ultimately strengthening each person who joins. Take your Leadership skills to the next level of your business success.

Here are some of the key advantages of participating:

Networking and Collaboration: Visionary Roundtable Series provide a platform for professionals and organizations within a specific industry or field to connect and collaborate. They offer networking events, conferences, and forums where members can interact, share ideas, and form strategic partnerships.

These networking opportunities can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, and valuable industry contacts. By joining forces with other groups as well.

Access to Information and Resources: Visionary Roundtable Series which provide members with access to valuable industry-specific information, research, and resources. They often publish reports, studies, and newsletters that offer insights into market trends, industry best practices, and emerging technologies. This information can help members stay updated and make informed business decisions.  

Education and Training: organize educational programs, seminars, and workshops to enhance the knowledge and skills of their members. They offer training sessions on various topics, such as industry regulations, technological advancements, marketing strategies, and business management.

These educational opportunities can help members stay competitive, improve their professional capabilities, and stay abreast of industry developments.

Marketing and Promotion: we may offer or organize trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences where members can exhibit their offerings to a targeted audience. These events can help generate business leads, increase brand visibility, and create marketing opportunities for members. in collaboration with other organizations.

Best Practices:  They establish guidelines and codes of conduct that promote ethical business practices, quality assurance, and consumer protection. Adhering to these standards can enhance the reputation and credibility of member organizations.

Community online group: Each member has the ability to converse with other members, collaborate with each other and share in-between the meetings.

The discussion groups will be held online and offline at dinner meetings, person to person, the locations will be in Stockton, Citrus Heights and online via zoom. You can simply register by going to this link and adding your name and location. Once a month we will meet.

There is a $25. registration and a monthly fee.  Once you have been placed in a group, your fees will be due.

The Visionary Roundtable Series, there isn’t a formal schedule of topics as of yet. We will want to meet you and find out from you what are your challenges are. And how we can support you.

Here are some suggested topics, what are yours?

How to overcome challenges and pain points to grow

Expansion, for global expansion, exploring new opportunities

Achieving profitability,

Gaining control, not knowing who to turn to, make better decisions

Having help to full your dreams and aspirations

Ongoing knowledge to discover what you may not know

Avoiding burnout and dealing with self-care

Dealing with favoritism with team members

Having accountability

Time management

these are just a few things that have come up.

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