What black holes are you slaying?

What black holes are you slaying?  Are you looking for someone to reduce your pain in your business or are you working on stopping the pain from reappearing?

We all have some sort of pain, whether it’s trying to hire someone that would suit the culture in the workplace or just want the hurt to end.  You discover there are so many resumes that you need to go through, except you don’t want to, so you are almost ready to give up.

There has to be a better way to fix this. 

It’s important to remember that as hiring manager and a job seeker, neither side likes the Black Hole System either.   I don’t know of anyone who likes it. 

Maybe that’s why you can’t find the perfect person and the person who is looking for you has given up. Too many obstacles called black holes.

What can we do about it?

What if you started building a client and worker talent magnet as a person/company that is hiring. It’s just simpler to start developing relationships with people and start asking for help. This shows that you care.

Now you’ll do less sorting and more relationship building which means you’ll have to start talking with people rather than hiding behind the black hole where the people you want to meet are no longer there.

On both sides of the black hole, people are starting come out to the side or back door. A part of developing relationships is to developing your soft skills called: Communication skills

I found an article that lists many of the soft skills that are required. I’m not affiliated in any way with this company nor suggest their services.

Opening up

Getting past the superficial questions when you are at a networking event or out and about, like “What do you do?” “Who do you work for?” start to get to know the real person underneath it all. It’s like learning about the engine of a car. What makes it tick or do they resonate with you.

It’s about turning all what you have been doing upside down. Start with turning entire world, into your community and creating the potential for every person to be your friend. Here are some better questions to ask. Have zero expectations and be curious about the person you are speaking to. Make eye contact and smile.

1. What do you love about your city, neighborhood

2. What do you do for fun – give me three things

3. Tell me about your culture

4. Where are you from, how long have you lived here or there

Listen for the answers, be willing to be vulnerable by sharing your answers as well. It’s a conversation not doing an interview or making it into a firing squad. Soon all your black holes will go away.


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