What do people want to know in 2022?

What do people want to know in 2022? We all seem to think about what we want to accomplish this year. What about those that we want to help? Besides success and ..

Here’s a simple exercise that may help you discover what you want to read and what you want to write or get more involved with.

  1. What do you want to read or what to know about in 2022?

Is there something new that is peaking your interest? Have you discovered a new idea and not quite sure how to do it.

2.  What’s the main problem or solution you can offer?

Do you like giving talks, workshops or lessons about the solution?  Do people tell you what they are struggling with?

3. What is your method that you want to solve that problem? 

Write about it, Blog, write books, videos’ – Coaching.. Consulting

4. What do you Love to talk about more an anything else?

Has your focus changed over the last little while – do you have a hobby you like to take about? What do you find out about people, do they want to share about themselves with you.?

This said,

  1. Figure out what you want to promote
  2. Find the people who are interested in the topics you are interested in
  3. Persuade those people to cover or promote you

Let’s go over each step in detail, what you want to promote

When you are seeking to help someone else to promote, in general a blog post, or what they are offering or some piece of content.

Maybe if you are a crafter you can find other crafters that you would promote or put together a program or class.

Maybe if you have changed careers and what to help other people to promote their new career or job hunters.

Find people who would be interested in covering you

You talk about the same or familiar topics. Why would you find someone that shares the same interests? It’s easier and there isn’t any friction.

I get approached a fair bit for guest blogging, since I have changed my direction to Wellness, Kindness up to the End of Life. I’m not accepting marketing or SEO articles anymore. Why would I?

It would confuse my readers.

Finding people to promote you, is easy.

Comment on their blog posts, or questions if you are on LinkedIn or other  forums. Answer questions if people are seeking help.

Agree to exchange content to promote. I used to do this a lot, when I was doing marketing for other Artists and Creatives or Social Media people. It was a great way to get in front of other people that didn’t know me visa versa.

Reach out to other bloggers or journalists and begin to develop a relationship with them.. eventually it will lead to some press for you.

When I first got started in promoting Kindness.. there was a group of us like-minded people – we would share the Kindness Awards, information. Press releases, to notices on virtual boards.. create events from the beginning of this campaign were getting nominations all over Canada.. I’m thinking it’s just the few of us.. That’s the power of coming up with an interested topic and finding other people who are willing to share it. And sending back  their stories to be considered for an Award.

If you are fearing competitors, think of them as co-conspirators. These people can help you advance just like you helping them.  Reach out to them and start building a relationship with them. Ask them how you can help them. Maybe there are people you can introduce them to, or submit an article or content.

There is a really good source to find people who are seeking help called Help a Reporter Out.. it’s a daily/weekly list that you can subscribe to.. you can always forward the help to other people.

What do people want to know in 2022,  what is it that you struggle with and would like more help with? If you want to write or be a guest blogger here, the topics are about: Kindness, Wellness and End of Life.

As my new calling as a End of Life Doula – It’s still about kindness, being an Advocate for those who want a holistic ending or transition of life. Here’s an article about why people are hiring EOL Doulas.. 

Until next time,

Love & Light




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