What is a Fan?

What is a fan? A fan is someone who follows engages, respects and wants to be a supporter and a winner with you. Will you let them be apart of your tribe?

As I am reading Seth Godin’s book “Tribes,” I am thinking about how I can lead groups on Linkedin better. Yet, I believe when there are rules for posting everyone has a better experience, we all learn more and we aren’t distracted with the litter (like links to their blogs or articles that promote themselves) that some people post to get attention.

When groups are really about making better connections with people, building relationships and of course sharing information for what the group is really about.

Maybe -the groups really aren’t really tribes..maybe they just are groups to self-promote yourself, rather than a place to develop relationships and so we all can learn from each other.

Still reading his book..it’s about tribe members or fans as he is calling them.

What is a Fan?

  • You only need 1,000 true fans are enough to help you make a living
  • They’ll are people that can help you reach more people
  • They will buy your 1st edition, will share your content and bring friends to your events
  • A true fan has depth and commitment to your message, product and you
  • A true fan is hard to find, they can change everything
  • Fans desire your generosity and bravery to lead
  • They will amplify your message

How can you attract more fans to you?

  • Giving them attention
  • Give, give give with content, help or whatever they want
  • Find out more information about them
  • Share your journey with them
  • Care about them
  • Follow-up with them

How you can become a leader of your own Tribe.

Leaders are scarce, why? Fearful of speaking up, afraid the discomfort of leading. Is this because most people are so used to be managed or told what to do. As a leader, it takes gumption, bravery and generosity by sharing rather than telling. Seth says “If you’re not uncomfortable in your work as a leader, it almost certain you’re not reaching your potential as a leader.” I read this and it was a WOW for me. It’s not really about taking action is really about reaching out more to our fans and sharing the message.

Asking for feedback.

There are only these things you need to know about leading a tribe, you’ll need Faith, Care and a Willingness to Fail. Seth’s final words, “If you think leadership is only for other people, you are wrong. We need YOU to lead us.”

What is your view point of what a Leader or Tribe or Fan is about?

Share you answers in the comments or on Facebook..

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