What’s blocking your income?

Have you ever wondered what’s blocking your income? Even though you take action everyday, you put yourself out there and still nothing is moving forward for you.

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For years I’ve been in this dribble flow, not like money is flowing to me like a river, it’s been flowing like a tap dribble. I began to do some research on why, or what is blocking my income. Income personally and from my business.

I discovered there are five different kinds of money blocks, that I really needed to take a look at.

Like you, it’s not your fault.

There just are things that we habitually say to ourselves, things that stress us out, we have past traumas that are all connected to our body, mind and spirit. Yes, it is getting woo woo.

This why you can’t get everything you want. Our money is wired to our emotions.

Have you noticed things like when you get stressed-out you go into a flight or fight response? Most often we think we have to work harder and fight it out. Or some of us may just dump what we are working on and say that didn’t work – at this point of time we are in a flight mode. Yet, when we do one or the other we are just so, so close to get what we want.

What’s the solution?

The solution is about working together you and me, to discover what is blocking your income, your money of why you haven’t been able to achieve or have what you want.

Book a complimentary session with me -it will take between 30 -45 minutes to diagnose where you are blocked or getting stuck and what you can do to move forward. As I want you to the have success that you really deserve.

I didn’t get that people are waiting for me to shine and give my gifts, until I discovered why I kept hitting the ceiling. I want to share with you, what I have learned so, you don’t have to keep getting stuck in a rut or banging your head on the ceiling.

Your Money Map will then lead you to get your Marketing Map completed you see more opportunities showing up for you, easily and effortlessly.


Fill out this form, and let’s get started. You won’t regret it!


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