What’s your Legacy going to be?

What’s your legacy going to be, it’s something we all talk about or we avoid, it reminds me of saying I’ll sleep when I get older. Guess what?

Sleeping is a bit of a turmoil. Figuring out your legacy ought to start when you get about 40 years old visioning what you want to be remembered for.

Training for the End of life Doula Givers they tell us by the time people get to Hospice that quite often it’s late in the game to be planning out your legacy or writing out your will or other plans you want to make. The shock phase kicks in, as by the time you get on Hospice you are now starting to transition out of your current life. It’s hard to think about it now as there is confusion, high anxiety and stress. Likely, not having a clear mind about it all.

When I was helping Marshall, he said to me that I needed to look after his business and affairs, while he concentrates on getting well. ?? He still wanted to help fund small businesses. Through some of his help I was able to find his contractors and start the process about his business. This was not the time, to be creating or passing along your legacy of your business.

If you have a business you need a succession plan or exit plan..who do you want to carry out your business if you want it to continue, have the people added to your plans, specify in your business planning who is going to take over, their name is added to the articles of incorporation. Write up instructions for them. (if you do this, your business will save 40% taxes)

A legacy for your personal plans, you have started a foundation, non-profit or a project that you would like to have your family friends or?? to carry on for you. Write it down and notify your Executor what you want your legacy to do or continue on with. Usually by the time we are 60 or so we have something in place. Not always – as we are living longer now.. it may have happened later in life. Never the less have your plans written down.

After going through Marshall’s stuff, I got frustrated as there wasn’t a book out there or things I need to be doing as an Executor. Lot’s of books about what to write down.. I ended up writing my own book.. it’s for people to start either “Creating your own Legacy” and the “Legacy (Playbook) Planner,” information for the people who you have designated to carry on your legacy.

Your legacy may or may not be business oriented, I believe that we all have something that we want to be remembered for.. small or large.. every small action makes a difference.

What’s your Legacy going to be?

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End of Life Doulas

I’m also offering conversations or talks about the roles of End of Life Doulas, what we do and how we can help you make have a peaceful, holistic end of life. Most people have heard about birthing doulas, to help someone welcome a new person in our lives. What about people exiting? The blessing about having a End of Life Doula is that they are the bridge between the family/caregivers and the Hospice person.

As I see it, moving Kindness into honoring the person that is leaving.. I know some people would rather have some people there and NOT them.. It’s a benefit for children of the parents as they have move away and can’t be there for the whole time, a End of Life Doula can keep them abreast of the situation. Or the caregivers need a break… lots to think about..

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