Will your workplace pass the Kindness Test?

Will your workplace pass the Kindness test? There is a theory that you can measure you’re success using KPI’s.  Key Performance Indicators.

I’ve thought about it, it’s a cool idea, really it’s not that effective, people need to be able to feel that kindness is making a difference, not just by indicating an number.  

From there you can have a Kindness Ambassadors, work with your department leaders.
Get the test here.  Kindness is making a come back into businesses, why? If you look at what’s going on in the US with the president what he thinks is ok, he’s been giving people permission to act in anger or discord. Destroying heart and well-being.

Most people are fed up. 

What’s new is the Kindness Performance Index otherwise known as KPI’s. It’s a survey for you to take and you’ll be given a report. From there you can have a Kindness Ambassador work with your HR and other department leaders to create a healthier workplace.

Years ago, in 2001 – 2005 when I was Advising companies to start creating Kindness strategies into the workplace, the powers to be in the companies couldn’t see how a simple word such like kindness could make a difference in business. Such a shame!

Here’s what kind of differences it made in the workplace:

1. It gave people permission to to work collaboratively, they become friendlier there was less friction.

2. Found productivity increased – even if there was a Big resistance on the manufacturing side

3. Rather than negative gossip, there was positive gossip. Less hanging out at the water cooler complaining.

4. Employees began to feel good about working at the company they were at and started to support the leaders more often.

5. When Kindness was embraced, better communication started to happen.

6. Kindness initiatives will help you attract and keep employees, especially if you are a small organization or a non-profit. As non-profits at the time realized they couldn’t compete in the salary levels that companies could pay.

The city of Gold Coast in Australia, is the 1st city to become a Kindness City. The city council worked on incorporating the KPI’s in the mandate. This was led by Michael Lloyd White.

Found this awesome site called Indvstrvs.com that writes about the kindness movement – The Kindness Momentum.  There are many sites that you can get more information about this. WorldKindnessUSA.org.

And of course if you search in this website, there are many articles about kindness.


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