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Work with me today privately, groups and with your employees. Much what we need to do isn’t really taught, my clients quite often say to me “I wish I knew…”

Besides the free offerings, you can work with me in a few ways the important thing is, that you get what you need, you are informed to make the right decision for you!

To begin with let’s start in getting your 5 Wishes completed first.  The workshop is announced in the Life Care group on Facebook. 

The Essential package is the basic things you need to get done before moving onto the next step.

  • A Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • A Living Will
  • A care team

$295.00 per person

Succession planning for your legacy, this is where we do a deep dive into what you want to create. This is more for personal or family plans

  • You’ll get my Legacy Planner which is included

$995.00 per person.. Ask about group rates.

Succession or exit strategies for small businesses is available, please just ask!

An Exit strategy is looking at where you are now and who is going to take over in the future or until sometime it’s deemed as necessary. Often as business owners we aren’t looking at the end, some strategist say, start with the end in mind.  I know, hard to think that will come sooner than later.

Why is it important? 

  • 100% of business owners will exit their businesses someday
  • Your departure may be expected or maybe not
  • Planning ensures there will be options for life after business it also ensures everyone else will know what to expect.
  • Succession planning helps ensure business continuity and performance. Even when there is no identifiable successor within an organization, succession planning can help identify the knowledge, skills and training needed in a future external candidate.

Lunch ‘n Learns they are mini workshops over lunch, great to inspire people, provide educational classes, some benefits are:

  • Group training reinforces the overall company culture
  • Creates critical awareness for issues at hand
  • Effectively introduces any new organizational initiatives
  • Boosts employee morale.
  • Builds and maintains teamwork skills
  • Enhances team communication.
  • Great for personal and team development

Ask for the topics. Go to the Checkout to get one

Social media and Accounts is really very important before the end of’s a workshop on its own.

End of Life Doula services they come into play quite often when someone gets a terminal illness from their medical team, you may enter hospice or you may not. I do encourage you to work with hospice, your medical team will give you a referral.

Even with this service there are many things I can assist you with.. here is my brochure that you can download to give you a perspective of what is available. Heart@Work.brochure.2

Hourly rate is $85.00 Check out page

My fees may be higher than everyone else, I’ve been through the experience that you will learn, I’ll also give you my full attention while we are together as I know how important the work is. To read more about Mari-Lyn. 

What is an end of life doula?

There is a quote I used to use a lot when I was in sales. “Many are called,  few are chosen.”  I was called to do this work, I answered – God shows me the way. The same for the people that I work with.

It’s not something, in regards to end of life advocacy that someone says, “Oh, I think I’ll go be and end of life doula.!

I encourage you to work with me today!  If you don’t find what you are looking for just ask!



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