About Mari-Lyn Harris, she got started on her business journey of promoting Kindness to business owners. Providing Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring start-ups.

Updating to 2018, it’s still pretty much the same when I first created this page in 2010. The only difference is that I have noticed that the words used to describe what one does have changed. Overall my message is still the same.

Just the past couple of months I decided to relaunch Heart@Work to go back to what I started in 2001, of Kindness in business. Taking toxic workplaces turning them around to become productive, profitable and happier places to be in.

If you are in this space, having trouble connecting the dots of getting more sales, more productivity out from your employees or co-workers book an appointment with me. I’m using https://calendly.com/heartatwork/intro-calls/. Let’s do a call to see how I can help you.

My history where it all started in my career of coaching.

After meeting Ann Peters, they formed a company called Viva Libreo Management Consultants. It was a perfect partnership, Ann loved the office management, accounting side and Mari-Lyn loved marketing and sales. We actually ended up coaching and consulting with new startups to help them to get started and to grow. Within the 2nd year of our business we wrote a book together called Build your own business” Many coaches and trainers bought this book as their training manual to teach people how to become Entrepreneurs.

Ann and I offered consulting, coaching, mentorship and workshops of topics like Marketing, Networking, Accounting, Creating a vision for you business. We also took our book we wrote and created a complete course in “How to build your own Business.” this all happened just before Internet boom took off.

A few years later I was ready to start my own business. Heart@Work in 2001. It orginally started out as a Training Co., to help business owners have better understanding in how to communicate more effectively, how to gain cooperation, lead their teams and have WOW customer experiences by introducing “Kindness” in the workplace.


By working with non-profits, employees and social committees who really wanted things to change, they could see the shifts happening.

Some businesses couldn’t see how Kindness would work, what a shame. However IT companies and nonprofits got it and were being successful at it.

After producing two Kindness Conferences in 2000 and 2001 and
Founded the “Kindness Hero Awards,” over 43 awards have been presented since the inconception. Kindness Hero Awards and how to nominate someone.

In 2005, I got an opportunity to turn-around an organization by using Kindness. This non-profit organization was riddled with bullies, negative gossip and the workers suffered. Within three months the board and staff could start to feel they were cared about, there was less friction, there was more cooperation and people were just happier to come to work.

Here on the Heart@Work blog, I’ve been writing about Relationships, Kindness and Marketing..because relationships matter. It’s about the little things we do for each other, it’s about how we connect with each other, what we stand for, what and how we say things that people get about us. How we show up and what we want other people to know about us.


One of my volunteer projects is mentoring Artists and Creatives in their marketing. The group is on Facebook Marketing for Artists.

My Key Values
Honesty, Kindness, Social Business, Paying it Forward, Social conscious and of course having fun, along my journey!

What I have learned is that we all have the power, to take action, to plant a seed, to write, offer encouragement to someone else. You can even just share a smile, especially for those who don’t have one and need it the most.

If you are ready to grow your business exponentially then call me 510-320-8332 or make an appointment. We can start to Rock ‘n Roll with heart. “Ready to be Successful?” Let’s connect and let me know how I can help you.

Every human action has a spiritual impact on the world. Become a better human being and make a difference.

 Founding member of World Kindness USA 2018 kindness


Sheryl Curtis a Regional eCommerce Manager
“Mari-Lyn is very knowledgeable and a go getter. She gives from her heart. She is a great MasterMind!”

Randal Adcock, MA
“Mari-Lyn is an driven creative and visionary problem-solver with an ability to see the big picture for a business organization. She has a lot to offer to make a leader think outside the box.

“Mari-Lyn brings lots of enthusiasm to her investigations of social media. It was a great pleasure to be interviewed by her on Blog talk radio about how artists can make a better living making art.”.

Linda Finstad- Owner, A Sharper Image Commercial Photography
“Mari-Lyn has tons of great ideas for marketing your business, we first worked together on a marketing committee at Whitemud Equine Centre. She is fun and energetic, and absolute delight to work with.”

Lauren Curtis- A Freelance/Fine Artist/Illustrator/Photographer, Lauren Curtis Art
“Mari-Lyn’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious! She truly works from the heart to empower people to expand their success and market themselves and their skills in a professional, honest manner. I would highly recommend her!”

Raleigh R. Pinskey – CEO/Founder, The Raleigh Group Communications
Mari-Lyn Harris worked tirelessly to construct the Social Media Mastermind Live online conference to help others be informed, so they could increase their success quotient, both personally and professionally. As a participant, my presentation was on Brand Blending, The quality of her efforts was top notch. I applaud Mari-Lyn’s efforts to bring this daunting challenge to fruition. Definitely worthy of five stars.

CEO of Michael Hartzell www.michaelhartzell.com
“Mari-Lyn Harris is not one to hesitate when it begins to look difficult. As Mari-Lyn takes on new projects, you will find her motto is “forward” and “TNT” Today Not Tomorrow. With a generous heart, persistence, high character and a vision of community and collaboration, Mari-Lyn stays connected with the reality of what is necessary to get a job done while providing help and support to others.. I am thankful for the opportunity to know and work with Mari-Lyn.

Renee Phillips – Founder and Director, Editor-in-Chief, Manhattan Arts International
“Mari-Lyn Harris is a gem of a professional and one of the best discoveries I have made in social media. She shares her extensive knowledge and talent in many areas of business and marketing with an enormous generosity of spirit. I feel very fortunate to have collaborated with her on many projects and I look forward to sharing many more with her in the future.”

SueEllen Cowan An Artist
“Mari-Lyn is an excellent resource that I have relied on for many occasions. She truly offers inspirational advice that is always right on the mark”

Thank you!