Re-Creating You

Re-creating you is about re-inventing yourself. What have your own experiences been, when work ends un-expectantly like getting laid off, or you quit or you get fired or relationships end for a variety of reasons.

How can you re-create yourself?

Your core of who are are is where you need to start, And she’s been on top and crashed and now can teach all of us to discover our pain. It does get deep. I firmly believe whatever your pain is, it your greatest healing. If you aren’t willing to go there, then you will become unhappy, moody and non-committal simply because you still think what is outside of yourself is what is going to help or heal you.

I have had some great insights for myself in the past week which have helped me to heal some real wounds that I had, after many years..it was a series of events that led me to discover my greatest pain.

1. I wasn’t valued
2. I wasn’t good enough

I still get emotional about this..however, by getting to my core pain and forgiving myself I will heal myself so I am beginning to value and appreciate myself more each day. I continue to dig deep to heal all my wounds still to this day. Tapping works every time.  So does praising yourself.

Once you have discovered your core pain, you heal it you’ll discover your passion. From there are you willing to embrace your power?

I decided that to get the support for myself I decided to form a YES! group like a mastermind group based on spirituality and offering everyone in the group to have accountability partners.

If you won’t want to join my Yes group, I would highly recommend that you start one or find one to join.

If you wanting to change your career or the direction you are taking or you want to tweak a few things in your business, go out and ask people you know that won’t feed you bullshit about what you want to do. For example, before I announced that I was going to be known and brand myself as a “Re-invention Coach” I asked people who are close to me, to see if I was passionate about, it..they just said things like – “your voice changed”, “I can hear the passion in your voice”, “it’s a fit for you, because you really do like to help people”. It’s similar to Relationship Marketing, it’s a person to person business service that women would respond to.

The other thing after putting time into looking for work, applying to all kinds of work that I could do and would like to do. I realized that for the people who had been out of work for awhile – it gets depressing, un-satisfiying, not a big happy experience. At least not for me. What about you?

What can we do about it? We can change our minds that it isn’t depressing or hard. However, wouldn’t you rather do something that you can get excited about? We are all selling ourselves, if we are passionate and happy we are more likely to have people want to hang with us, hire us or help us.

Helping people by promoting people.


Be kind to yourself

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