How to have Great Relationships

How to have great relationships are about giving,  in order to have great relationships there are ways in which you can have even more caring friends.

In a business or personally, we all have learned of how some things word and some haven’t. I just read a wonderful article by Reid Hoffman, of which really expresses a point of when we give, we’ll have better relationships that.

It’s amazing of how many people will say to me “I can’t afford it”, or “What do you want?”

When I reach out to them. My answer is usually nothing or I have learned to say “I just want to get to know you.”

“Why?” The person may ask. There are many ways around this question, quite often..they are not openminded or willing to receive. I’ve had my own lesson this year about receiving.

Just reach out and touch someone, and make this place a better world. Your world, your business.

Relationships are living, breathing people. Feed, nurture, and care about them: they grow. Neglect them: they die. The best way to strengthen a relationship is to jump-start the long-term process of give-and-take. Do something for another person–help. But how?

In this post, 8 Tips to build better relationships, I share tips on better ways to communicate and how to build your trust muscles. When you make trust deposits like depositing in a bank account you’ll have stronger relationships. It’s a great read, I learned some quite insightful things. Why should you consider using Kindness to brand your business? Rather, than ask why? Why not? Kindness is a self-generated product or service you won’t get the benefit until you use it. By using Kindness in how you communicate, act and show-up in your life, will make a difference.

Appreciating your clients. When you don’t hear from the people in your business it’s called Silence. This is quite often what our clients often hear from us besides our marketing messages. (I know sometimes it’s a challenge). 7 ideas to get social proof.

Life is about relationships, there are many ways in which to we can have them and acquire them. The key point is without having friends, it’s really hard to get ahead without them. Quite often it starts with us, what are we or how are we creating these wonderful friendships?


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