30+ Ways Not to Lose your Customers

30+ Ways Not to Lose Your Customers by using videos as your format to reach to them.

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1.    Deliver personal messages via e-mail
2.    Create thank you or welcome messages for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or any other social network you belong to
3.    Send Love messages to your friends and family (mine love getting them)
4.    Use videos instead of using text newsletters
5.    Send out a Thank you for being a customer
6.    Use the auto-responder to stay in touch with your customers/subscribers
7.    Send out videos to re-cap a meeting or patient outcome
8.    Testimonials
9.    A tinting company sends out video messages with the tinting job complete and an invoice
10.    Use to promote your event
11.    Use to promote your art work –
12.    Use in place of direct mail
13.    Use for your fundraiser
14.    Share your stories of what you offer
15.    Use it when you apply for a position
16.    Do sales meetings using their video conferencing
17.    Use it for Webinars and share your expertise and record for future use –
18.    Host a Mastermind group
19.    Share your expertise and knowledge
20.    Broadcast your own TV show
21.    Do a sales presentation or demo
22.    Tell your story and post it on your blog/website
23.    Do a testimonial or recommendation for someone else (people love this)
24.    Create a video of how you have made a difference for someone else.
25.    Send holiday greetings.
26.    Use videos for your membership club or continuity program.
27.    Get new customers
28.    Retain the ones you have
29. Monetize your video’s using You Tube
30. Have your own Video Blog

I hope you enjoyed all the variety of ways you can use video’s to make the difference in your marketing for you.


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