How Kindness Impacts Productivity at Work

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How does Kindness impact productivity at work, let’s give you a better perspective. Do you see these traits in yourself of being respectful & considerate? Ask yourself: Do you practice kindness? Having difficulty answering these questions is a common occurrence. With how bombarded we are by violence in the news, how easy it is to anonymously spread hate online, and the unforgiving “cancel” culture in our Gen Z children today, it’s no surprise that … read more..

What black holes are you slaying?

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What black holes are you slaying?  Are you looking for someone to reduce your pain in your business or are you working on stopping the pain from reappearing? We all have some sort of pain, whether it’s trying to hire someone that would suit the culture in the workplace or just want the hurt to end.  You discover there are so many resumes that you need to go through, except you don’t want to, … read more..

Are you Trustworthy?

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Are you trustworthy, building trust is so much more important now especially in the digital age. Whether you are helping your community or for your business. Take for example community events and helping other people who need it, they may not a have a voice and need your help. As they too need to get the word out just as much as a small business person.  Then there is the part about developing relationships … read more..

No one likes to be manipulated

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No one likes to be manipulated, tricked or pressured to buy something period. Honestly, it doesn’t seem to be working any more or anywhere else seems to not get as much traction. People can feel whether it’s a fit for them or not. Most of us don’t want to feel left out and the same time we ask in our groups and forums other peoples opinion if they have take that persons training before. … read more..

Creating a kinder workplace culture

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Creating a kinder workplace culture, which includes communications, team work, productivity, a value based business. Only push it out further than the basics. In this post I’m going to push it out further, other than branding a workplace, it also needs to be healthy. What you present at work needs to be who you are as an individual, as well as what your company values and leads with. What kind of initiatives do you … read more..

Get ready to Play

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Get ready to play is a great way to have fun with your teammates, colleagues and all those you are in your workplace. One of the things we quite often leave out is having fun. Being very productive and working hard is great, sometimes just taking a break is better. My interview with Robert Manolson, his company has been more about the effects of mental health at work. Without a space to breathe, it … read more..

10 Ways to Cultivate Relationships

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Here are 10 ways to cultivate relationships on line that will help you to have more connections and opportunities where ever you are. Cultivating relationships at work, looking for work or just getting along with people is really important.  1. Create a blog which you will post content to help engage your followers to post, read or subscribe to, be sure to have a subscribe button or a call to action button to your … read more..

I don’t have time

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I don’t have time, how many times have you said this, however your intention is to do something about the issue at hand. Why the self-sabotage? When I think about the times that I have said, I don’t have time to sit with tech support for 2 hours, yet I need to look after why my phone contact app isn’t working. It’s frustrating when I was making a phone call and person’s name who … read more..

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