What kind of touch points are you doing?

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What kind of touch points are you doing, these points or reaching out efforts are about growing your relationships with your current and future customers. The idea of reaching out to them should be more about 80% relationship and 20% marketing and sales. How to you start to create the trust factor in your practice or business? It’s what Josh Turner has written about “The-Trust-Equation-1.” It’s not new material it’s a look at why … read more..

Why Relationship Marketing

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Why Relationship marketing, it’s better for customer loyalty and increasing sales. Writing about this topic became important to me as I saw LOWES switch when the new CEO came on board. There have been a lot of changes which angered the community and the people who worked for them. In a sales only based company the only thing that matters is sales. There are several ways to get sales, cutting back on service to … read more..

Happy New Year 2019

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Happy New Year 2019! This is the word for today, along with the activities that people are used to doing. Like football, playing board games and just hanging out with friends. Look forward in conversing with you this year!

What is Relationship Marketing?

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What is relationship marketing, is a question that has been answered in many ways. Are we marketing our relationships, or are we using this term instead of Appreciation Marketing. I’ve enjoyed reading Carol Deckerts’ Weekly Newsletters about relationship marketing. Quite often I have shared some ideas and parts of them in this blog. The New Year is approaching fast, and that means we will all be setting new business and personal goals for 2019… … read more..

Do you Hate Networking?

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Do you hate networking? Did you know all networking is about meeting people. That’s all. Now if this scares you, you may not be making enough sales. “All good businesses are personal, the best businesses are very personal.” According to Mark Cuban. Are you are making the money you deserve? • Is your business doing as well as it should be? • Do you struggle with using relationships to grow your business? • Do … read more..

How to create the greatest customer experience

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How to create the greatest customer experience ever. Here are five simple starting places to help you differentiate your business. Do you have a small business that’s struggling to differentiate itself? Is your service acceptable, but still well short of even your own expectations? Maybe you’re the uneasy captain of a giant corporate function where growth has stalled and your “loyal” customers keep looking for other options. 

Many elements can make a business fail, … read more..

How’s your customer loyalty?

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How’s your customer loyalty? This helps you to stop to think, “How we can get more readers or surfers to purchase our products and services from our website?” If you only just tweaked a couple of things in what you do, it is more than likely there will be an increase the loyalty of your clients. There are several ways to increase customer loyalty. Below are a few suggestions that may not be new … read more..

Celebrating World Kindness

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Celebrating world kindness day is Nov 13 every year on this day, by being kind to myself is self-love. Celebrating your life’s adventures even the baby steps of fun, ease and joy will help you to stay grounded. I’ve been rather busy with other things in my life, yet if I pause just to say Thank you, or remember the steps I’ve made then I can say I am being kinder to myself. Sometimes … read more..

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