Empower Yourself with Kindness

Empower yourself with Kindness, even if it’s just 15 to 30 minutes at a time.
One of the things that come up quite frequently is how do I be kind to myself when there is so much going on?

Relationship Appreciation

Once when I was speaking to a Business Association for Assistants..I had asked them how many of them acutally took time for themselves? There were only 3 women out of 30 who said, they did take time for themselves whether it was going to the gym, or taking breaks throughout the day. They said, their jobs were so demanding that they didn’t take time off, there wasn’t any room to budge.

I challenged them to find the time, even if it was just 15 – 30 mins at a time. Our brains can only focus on any given task for 90 – 120 minutes at a time. When we are really getting a lot done, this is great. when we have days we are not accomplishing anything..then it’s time to take more breaks. As I say to friends “Quit beating up on my friend.”

Forgiving ourselves.. that we are not getting enough done, or we haven’t accomplished what we had or have hoped to have happen by now. I know, that even as I begin to create a new canvas of life for myself, and find myself sometimes still stuck in my story. And yet, by being upset at myself that I’m not further along in achieving my own dreams, that I had hoped for.

Catherine Foster helped me to let go of all the anger that I was hanging on to..a few weeks ago. It was amazing of how lighter I felt. A part of this, is forgiving and letting go of all the people that made a negative impact of my life.

Today, as Oprah, says “it’s time to let go,” to forgive all those including yourself for hanging on to your fears, pain and heartache. Even for broken up marriages, relationships and friendships, life is too short to harbor over or hold a grudge.

Some things that can help you in your financial affairs..and I know that I am too working on this issue. What I would suggest that you find alternative streams of revenue besides just your main business or job that you may have. I continue to do this, when a job has ended or there was a space inbetween clients, that I too forgot to be kind to myself by not looking after me. I do encourage you to empower yourself to find something that will allow you to grow and develop something for yourself. Even if you need to do it in secret.

The other kind deed to do for yourself, set up something you are going to do once a week for yourself. Even if it is just one flower, and give thanks for the beauty of your day; meditate; write in your gratitude journal.


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