Living Unhoused Issue 3

Living Unhoused Issue 3, todays tip is to get prepared for all your battery back-ups, chargers, find out where you charge your batteries.

I seem to be looking around a lot… huh?

Other things you can get prepared for is that,  YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CELL PHONE!!

For emergencies, for people to reach out to you, share information etc.

Recently, there is a mother, daughter and dog who are getting evicted out of their place, so they applied to get into the Safe Parking Program  (most cities have them). They were told until they are on the street, they can apply otherwise they wouldn’t get into the program.

The mother we’ll call Jane, had lots of questions for me, I told her I’m writing about my experiences and will be sharing resources. If you want to follow along or read it. She told me she doesn’t have a cell or tablet or anything and wants nothing to do with the internet. WOW!

She had a ton of questions, yes I can mentor/guide her, she really needs to get a cell phone, otherwise it’s going to be difficult.  Everyone’s journey is different. You either embrace it, or struggle with it.

Jane also brought up another point. Her mind set was on the negative side.. I told her it’s not difficult, challenging sometimes.. you have to be positive, even if you find yourself sleeping in your car or unhoused. There is some reason why you ended up here.

Don’t be blaming people or “Jesus,” about your situation. Be accountable. Keep asking for help and resources to move yourself out of the situation, if you want to.

Yes, I know there isn’t any housing that the average Joe can afford in rent in California, this is why we all need to rise up, gather together to make changes. And yes, it is up to us!  We are experiencing this, the people who are not don’t care or think about people situations.  Or think they can’t or NIMBY’s doing want to help. They live in glass houses.

Until next time,

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I will answer them as time permits. Here at Living Unhoused Issue 3  read the other articles.  


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