What drives you? What hurts you?

What drives you? What hurts you? Whatever does, its the reason is why we experience depression, addiction, PTSD or simply we self-abuse ourselves.

When I heard that we self-abuse ourselves, I was little shocked.

Self-abuse happens when we don’t look after ourselves.. for me I have gained weight as I haven’t been as active as I was before Corvid. I’m walking more – got the app to tell me how many steps or stairs I do. I’m drinking more water – and yes, I buy the Alkaline water. Even though people say we have great city water. I’ve cut back the amount of bread and goodies I eat. Gluten free preferably.

This is the beginning, the real work starts when we dig deep and un-attach our pain to behaviors we don’t want anymore.

From this diagram gives you aa list of different ways that we self-abuse ourselves..you can likely discover or know more. These addictions that aren’t working for us can only be cleared out, when we are willing to address them.

What Drives You? What Hurts You?
Outcome of our pain

Many of these can also be addressed as a disease since most of us don’t know how to release the pain that is attached to them. It’s self-abuse when we don’t clean up our pain.

Hypnotherapy can help you clean and clear out the pain, as you do your pain will disappear and experience addictions or self-abuse will dissipate too.

Each of these imprints of pain is a memory that is attached to the behavior.

People with low self-esteem ten to blame themselves for everything that happens in life whether it be to themselves or others peoples circumstances or imperfections. Such as not being a good enough partner, friend or.. Not being good enough is the biggest disease of all whether it’s attached to a good or bad memory.

When we experience not being good enough we start the abuse and addictions. Ask yourself:

  • How do you tend to personalize things?
  • What situations do I tend to do this?
  • Why do I think this way?
  • What do I say to myself about this, situation?
  • What value am I gaining from it?

With these questions I hope you feel empowered to made changes in your life. What’s also important to remember is that memories are never truthful, because they are filtered through biased, subjective perspectives of how we remember them to be. Over time become weaker with time. They may not be good memories or they may be good times that we forgot about.

If you are ready to explore to clear out your pain let’s do a call or complimentary session. Book an appointment. You can also read more about hypnosis how it can benefit you.

Oh, I put up an offer on Fiverr.com.

What is your take on addictions and pain?

Until next time,


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