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Just because

Just because I’m starring at a blank page, doesn’t mean I can’t write are 6 articles to read.

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Here’s 6 articles to refresh your marketing, even though I got them from the wayback archives many of them are still relevant for todays business startups.

1. Are You Dreaming BIG enough? Are you dreaming BIG enough?

2. Why Relationship Marketing WorksWhy relationship marketing works

3. Do you have a Promotional Strategy?Do you have a Promotional Strategy?

4. Promotions are CrucialPromotions are Crucial

5. What is a Social CircleWhat is a Social Circle

6. How to get your Social Circle working How to get your Social Circle to work

There you have a few articles to read catch up with and take action. For those of you who are on LinkedIn.. be sure to come join the Social Circle group.. It’s about How to and get more help in your networking efforts.

For those of you who are ready for more.. stay tuned..


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