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Join the Womens’ Empowerment Movement

Empowering Women has been one of my callings for a while..I recently opened up my wish box, only to discover all my wishes and prayers. Wow, since 2007 I put out this to the Universe. The time is now to really help Women. With so many men and women out of work and for so many of us who want to do our passions, why aren’t we?

It’s time to listen to ourselves and get started even if we don’t know how. Our lives and businesses are blended, it’s hard for us to try to separate them, as they are a part of our whole life. There is a spark within us that speaks to us of which we really need to listen to. This spark within us wants to ignite, to shine brightly, we need to show ourselves and the world the difference we can and are making.

Joining a Mastermind group just for women is for those who are willing to take action. The group will create a dramatic ( maybe even profound experience) positive changes in your business.  Plus, it will overflow into your personal life.

I know for myself  when I have been involved in a Mastermind group – I have felt empowered and supported to know that I can too take my next steps with love and ease. To discover that anything is possible. Read about why this is a #1 Key to your Success.

As I have embraced the direction of my business and my life  know that my life has changed and supported me.

When we enrich ourselves, we then can enrich others, including our families, friends and our clients. The more we help ourselves, the more we have to give, to help and inspire others.

I invite you to join the Women’s Mastermind  group. Each group will have 6-8 women plus me as your facilitator. Are you ready to move forward in your life and or business? When you commit to yourself and you will be filled with action, inspiration and fun!

This Mastermind group will provide ideas and challenge you in your business or your lifes’ passion:

  • You’ll be expected to do what you say you will do.
  • Your partners will hold you accountable.
  • You will be supported to get the results that you say you want.

There are two group styles:

  • One where you meet two times a month or every 2 weeks, the same time and day
  • Second group will meet every week, on the same day and time.

The Master Mind Principle  also teaches that other like-minded women who can believe for you — AND ACCEPT AS TRUE FOR YOU – things you may find difficult to conceive or believe for yourself. This is a Key to grow your business.. 

Come join like-minded women for an innovative, enriching experience filled with inspiration, fun and laughter. You will also recieve the courage to move yourself forward with love.

Get your name on the list..this does not commit you, until you have paid. If you are thinking about this for you, DO IT! As the spots will fill up quickly.

Can’t wait? Register on this page 

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