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Ways to Get Customers

There are many ways to get more customers. These three articles, offer you a way to check in how you are doing in getting more customers.


Besides getting more customers, how are you retaining them? How is your sales processes? Without sales, or converting people into customers then perhaps we ought to quit our business. Or hire someone who can do the job for you.

If you take a look at what other people are doing, are they successful? What challenges are they overcoming? find someone who does what you do, and copy them. Or ask them if there is some synergy that you can work together on. Ask people for their help or ask them if they can introduce you to people and build a relationship with these people.

Building relationships on LinkedIn.

Without sales – your business isn’t going to grow, it’s just this simple.

Read – Developing a sales plan

Many entrepreneurs and business owners know that their business can be successful through sales, but many professionals don’t have a plan for getting new business. This part of your sales is very important. So often I encounter solo-entrepreneurs who either don’t want to do this step or they really son’t see the point of it. Believe me, even if you are going to jump into the Social Media arena, this is very pertinent. Otherwise, you will find yourself shouting and not being targeted to the audience that you want to reach and the audience who will hear your message.

Read – Working with Collaboration

Have you ever thought of there has to be a better way to grow your business? Imagine the Possibilities to grow your business with Collaboration. By getting more clients and maybe even have better employees?

Here’s another great article on getting more visitors to you website.
This list was compiled after a wonderful discussion on the Art Marketing between what other people were doing and what I came up with from my own tool box.. I am sure you could keep adding another tactic or your favorite one to this list. If you have anything you would like to add, please leave it in the comment section. I would love to hear from else you are doing.

What are you doing to get more customers? Would love to get your comments and feedback.


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