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Growing business relationships

Growing business relationships takes time, whether you are networking, strategizing for marketing and sales or finding ways to retain your customers.

Here are a few ideas from other blog posts.

1. 6 ways to Growing Your Business with Relationships, will help you to retain your customers, employees gain more referrals with loyalty and trust.

I didn’t have much to write about today, as I am preparing to do a Kindness Challenge, likely it should be a webinar. I’ll work on this for another time.

2. The Impactful Legacy Podcast which was launched in July 2019.  The shows were about workplace culture & leadership. It will be relaunched very soon topics for Founders, CEO’s and Change Makers.

3. 31 Tips to Become Popular, was compiled by Artists, this will help you to get more visitors and fans to your blog. The list is still effective from 2014 to 2023.

4. How to Grow Your Social Circle, it’s about how most professionals don’t actually have a plan of growing their Social Circle. In order to grow and develop your Social Circle you have to make a commitment that will be life-changing. Your success will depend upon selecting clients that have the same values as you have.

How to Grow Your Social Circle

5. Being good is not good enough, the sad truth is that it’s not good enough anymore. Marketing and sales are done quite differently now.

Being Good is NOT Good Enough

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